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Top 10 Travel Tips – Ten Tips to Keep in Mind When Traveling | Travel Partner

No matter how much we think we know the optics of any place we are traveling to, we tend to get caught between trying to figure out what exactly to take, where to stay, and a mountain of other to-dos. Traveling is an activity done for leisure or business activity, and not knowing what exactly to take with you or where exactly to go should not stand in your way from fulfilling that. The act of traveling alone has given forth new trends in recent times. Here are the top 10 travel tips to keep in mind.

1. Carry your passport

Carry your passport - Top 10 Travel Tips

If you are traveling out of the country, your passport will be the chief identification to any destination. Always ensure that your passport is kept in a place closest to you. We recommend you carry it along with your boarding pass or air ticket in a passport holder, which you can easily purchase in any travel store. It is convenient, travel safe, and meets the need at the given time.

2. Pack only what you need

Pack only what you need - Top 10 Travel Tips

It goes without saying that when traveling we tend to feel the need to carry everything with us even if it is a short stay. The reason why we highlight the importance of carrying only what is needed is due to the following reason. 

Traveling abroad can be a hefty task, you must watch out for the standard weight limit of your luggage. If you are planning on visiting a country during winter and if you find winter clothes in your country expensive we highly recommend you to purchase winter clothes from the country of destination. It is much more reasonable and budget-friendly. The same can be said if you are traveling from a temperate country to a tropical country. By default, your luggage weight will reduce by following this tip. Less weight is always better!

3. Carry your essentials and a few clothes in your hand luggage

Carry your essentials and a few clothes in your hand luggage - Top 10 Travel Tips

You never know when your luggage might be delayed or when you have an emergency on the way to the destination let it be an airplane, vehicle, or any other mode of transport. To reduce the hassle of going through your well-organized and padlocked luggage carry an extra t-shirt, trousers, and underclothes. Also, make sure you carry toiletries that you’ll be needing on the go, and to the women out there, carry sanitary napkins with you. To reduce plastic usage, we recommend you to carry a Sanitary cup, cloth pad, a bio-degradable sanitary pad that is available to your region. If you have respiratory or any other pre-existing medical condition do not forget to take your medication with you. In the event you run out of it, ensure your prescriptions are at least in your phone in the form of a picture. 

Always carry a small first aid kit, we can’t stress this enough. Carry a scissor, band-aid, some ointments, and painkillers in this for starters. This kit will be your lifesaver during an emergency until you receive professional medical assistance. 

4. Importance of having an itinerary

Importance of having an itinerary - Top 10 Travel Tips

In the rush of time and the excitement of the destination itself, we tend to forget to make an itinerary. The itinerary is simply a compilation of what you intend to do in your journey and stay. This may sound boring and too organized and lacking that sense of spontaneity. However, your choice to have or not have an itinerary can make or break your trip. Here’s why we think an itinerary is important:

  • Value for time- Getting lost in the beauty and splendor of where you are traveling can cost you time to enjoy where you want to go. An itinerary can simply keep you on track and maximize your time.
  • Value for money- Your itinerary is your first step to effectively budgeting your journey and knowing the costs of your travel. 
  • Best route- GPS isn’t always the most reliable form for traveling, it can go wrong. In the event you plan your destinations in your itinerary, you are bound to set the ideal route and direction for your travel by simply referring to a local tour guide or agency/ map or even getting an idea through GPS before the journey. This saves time!
  • Carrying essentials- Keeping an itinerary is the best way to prioritize and keep tabs on what you have to take and what you can easily leave out on the trip. It’s helpful to manage space, omit additional weight and you feel less of a burden on your shoulders. 

5. Trying out a local cuisine

Trying out local cuisine

While it is important to indulge in comfort food that is close to our heart, traveling enables us to truly let go of our comfort zone and have a gastronomical experience that we may find ourselves coming back to. Trying out local cuisines from fine dining to even street food is paramount when traveling. It provides the traveler with the 360-degree experience to fully immerse themselves in the culture and vibe of the destination. Trying out local cuisine shouldn’t be restricted to just traveling abroad but within the country itself. One can understand the regional variations of cuisine through this. In doing so it creates a level of respect and admiration for the love that is embedded in the prepared food, and one begins to truly appreciate the people too and not just the scenic beauty of an area. 

Of course, trying out something completely new is intertwined with being vulnerable to digestion-related problems depending on the level of sensitivity one has. However, no trip is complete without its stories about how certain mishaps took place. Live in the moment and enjoy even the not-so-great moments.

6. Taking currency with you

Taking currency with you - Top 10 Travel Tips

If you are traveling within the country, it is highly recommended that you carry a generous amount of cash from your local currency. The simple reason behind this is that not all areas will be willing to accept credit or debit cards and if it’s a remote area they may not even have ATMs. Furthermore, do keep in mind to store the cash in multiple locations such as your hand luggage, front pocket, and suitcase so that you won’t lose all of it if one bag gets stolen.

If you are traveling abroad, exchanging dollars for the local currency is on anyone’s mind however we do not recommend you exchange it at the airport itself. Shops in the airport will leave a significant profit margin exchanging the currency to you at an unfavorable rate. Exchanging at a local bank or shop is the best option. Do store your emergency cash in multiple places too, to avoid all currency getting lost in one go.

7. Travel insurance

Travel insurance - Top 10 Travel Tips

The idea of applying for travel insurance may sound like a tedious task, however, obtaining travel insurance for yourself is imperative. Imagine meeting with an accident in a remote place somewhere and needing to pay massive amounts of debt when you could’ve simply avoided it? Speak to your bank or any financial advisor before traveling, to understand how you can obtain travel insurance. 

8. Being environmentally conscious

Being environmentally conscious - Top 10 Travel Tips

We are currently living in an age and time where global warming, ocean pollution is choking up the environment and gradually causing disruption to human life. It’s always easy to choose convenience over what is right, however, we urge you to be environmentally conscious no matter where you go. 

For starters take a metal/ glass straw with you which you can purchase online or at a store selling eco-friendly products to avoid using a single-use plastic one. Instead of buying plastic bottles carry your bottle and re-fill it. Refrain from carrying single-use plastic and polythene or buying them either unless necessary. 

When you are disposing of such plastic and polythene ensure that you separate your garbage, failing to do so, we advise you to take it with you until you find a suitable place to dispose of it. When visiting places of ecological or historical significance adhere to the tourist guidelines, do not pollute the premises under any circumstance. The results aren’t only felt by the relevant maintenance authorities; it also trickles down to the natural environment surrounding the area.

9. Wake up early

Wake up early

Even though you are on vacation, waking up early saves the trouble and afternoon rush of getting to the destination as per the itinerary. You not only maximize time, but you also arrive at locations at the perfect time to capture the landscape. This is a tip to follow for all social media savvy people on Instagram, Facebook, Vloggers, and bloggers. That being said, investing in a good DSLR camera from a brand of your choice is a great idea too. It’s more compatible and meets the need at the given time.

10. Get rid of your tech

Get rid of your tech

We saved the best tip for last, which is to avoid your tech as much as possible. While you may spend time taking pictures using your smartphone, we would advise you to let it go during other times. If by chance you end up in an area with no Wi-Fi or insufficient coverage to use mobile data, embrace the remoteness, and enjoy where you are. Travelling is much worth the time and effort when you don’t have the technology to distract you from it. 

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