Galboda Falls – To a Beautiful Waterfall in Sri Lanka | Travel Vlog
Galboda Falls Tour - Travel Partner

Galboda Falls – To a Beautiful Waterfall in Sri Lanka | Travel Vlog

“Jobs fill your pocket, but adventures fill your soul” ~Jamie Lyn Beatty

Doing a job is the most important thing in everyone’s life. If you forget to travel, because of job. Oh Sorry! You will miss most beautiful part of your own life and you cannot take it back ever again. Every traveler knows how manage both of their job and travelling life. So, they get never tired about travelling life and they will enjoy it. It helps to maintain our peace of mind.

As a sri Lankan, we can proudly say we all live in a paradise. It has its own beauty, and everyone will wonder how adorable that places. Some places are cool, some are dry, and they have their own climatic changes. Even we cannot decide where is the most admirable place in sri Lanka. Each and every place are looking amazing and you can enjoy a lot. See! how much we can enjoy life while travelling in sri Lanka. It is sure, it will give you an amazing experience and helps you to fill you with a lot of joyful memories. Sri Lanka has a lot of heritage places. Not only that there are some places which are not popular but also, they add uncountable beauty to nature.

Let's Talk About Galboda Falls

Galboda Falls Tour - Travel Partner

Why it is called Galboda? The name meaning is ‘fall adjoining the stone’.   While talking about Galboda village. It is an isolated village where is located between Nawalapitiya and Watawala. We cannot see well developed road system yet. But the most important thing is we can travel to this place with a lot of joyful memories.

This is the 98ft(30m) high waterfall and width range is 9.8ft(3 m) – 20ft(6 m) which is depending on the season. If you reach to Nawalapitiya by train. Next, you have to come 2Km. Because it is 2Km away from railway station. That area is so close to Watawala. It has heavy rainfall and waterfall is ever young. Talking about annual rainfall, it is exceeded 4500mm and 60% of the rain coming from the south-west monsoon and January to February, it is dry season.

The Location of Galboda Falls

Here, I am going to let you know about the location of Galboda falls which is in Nawalapitiya, Nuwara Eliya District. If you decide to travel Colombo to Badulla by train. Then, do not miss this place. I do not want to talk about Colombo to Badulla railway road. Because, everyone knows, that road attractive many visitors’ not only local travelers’ but also foreigners. You can get one of the four express trains which are Colombo heading to Badulla and train stops at Galboda station. You can go by Nawalapitiya to Galboda bus. But by travelling by train is much more fun. You can reach this place within 2-3 hours by train. Although this is the best place, anyone who wants to get travelling experience with cool climate. Why I am talking about this place is, I thought this place is not much popular among travel people and I hope they will enjoy by visiting here.

Let's See Some Beautiful Pictures of Travelling to Galboda Falls

Watch Our Travel Vlog of Galboda Falls

I hope you will visit this beautiful waterfall, if you get a leisure time.

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