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Sonara Resort – The Beautiful Eco Resort in Sri Lanka

Sonara Resort is one of the best Eco resorts in Sri Lanka. It is a good place to feel nature and fused with boundless ecological sceneries and top-notch hospitality.

Recurrent rainfall and the arboraceous landscape exemplifies its belonging to the wet zone of Sri Lanka. Surrounded by the bubbly waters and natural reservations, Sonara resort bestows a breathtaking scenic view. 

The resort structure constructed with varnished natural wood extends an eco-friendly and level-headed ambiance.

Rejuvenated through the guests and inspired by the talent and the enthusiasm of the staff Sonara resort manifests a quality, affordable, and eco-friendly retreat.

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Sonara Resort - Eco Resort Sri Lanka Travel Partner

Featuring the out-of-ordinary location, Sonara facilitates a remarkable experience in wild camping adventures and BBQ nights. Multi-level diving places enable enthusiasts of all ages in procuring daring and gutsy escapades. 

The sound of the luminescent water cascades from the adjacent waterfall, the bird chirps, and the rustling of leaves from the adjoining forest instantly renders the mind and body with the ultimate state of relaxation.

Services of Sonara Resort

Sonara Resort Sri Lanka Travel Partner

Furnished with eco-friendly, fine dining, Sonara is home to an extensive stretch of covered and uncovered outdoor dining. Serving an affordable and luscious breakfast, lunch, and dinner comprising local, Thai, and Chinese Cuisines from LKR 1200 upwards, Sonara undoubtedly renders the best Sri Lankan eco-resort experience for family, romantic and social retreats.

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Sonara Resort is situated in Thummodara, Labugama 11 KM away from Puwakpitiya, Awissawella, Approximately 60 KM away from the commercial capital, Colombo city. It is located in close proximity to Seethavaka Botanical Gardens and is just 5 KM away from Kumari Ella.

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